25 Apr


Wednesday 18th April

The final 2 plate qualifying games took place with Preston Swallows and Chipping MereCats going through to the quarter finals. They will also be joined by Lancaster Lions and STY:LE going through as the best losers from the previous round. The Cup quarter finals also took place with Chipping TopCats, Garstang Diamonds, Chipping Wildcats and Lancaster Royals going through to the semi finals, being played on the 25th April.

One of the messages shared about the recent soccer and netball schools run by SportsReach over the Easter holidays with this years theme being ‘Follow Him’. Reference was made to two people who at last years Easter soccer school had begun to follow Jesus and had shared this time around, that it had been the greatest year of their lives. The change in their lives was evident and exciting to see and clearly only came from Jesus. Follow Him – He changes lives, He’s the best person to follow and He brings true satisfaction.

Jesus said to Him, “I am the WAY, and the TRUTH, and the LIFE, no-one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14v6

Cup Results:

Bluebelles vs Chipping TopCats (Bluebelles forfeited)

Garstang Diamonds 39-3 Preston Amazons

Chipping WildCats 26-19 Quernmore Jets

Lancaster Royals 53-12 Heysham Halos

Plate Results:

Preston Swallows 39-14 Quernmore Rubies

Chipping MereCats 37-26 Stingwrays

The draw for the next round of matches was made after the games had been played and the matches for Wednesday 25th April are below:

Cup Semi final Matches:

Chipping WildCats vs Chipping TopCats (7pm)

Garstang Diamonds vs Lancaster Royals (8.15pm)

Plate Quarter final Matches:

Pantherwrays vs Babybelles (7pm)

Chipping MereCats vs Preston Swallows (8.15pm)

Lancaster Lions vs STY:LE (8.15pm)

Westhouse Thunder vs Westhouse Lightning (8.15pm)

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