SportsReach Netball League 2016/17

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SportsReach Netball League Cup 2017

The 2nd round of the Cup took place at Ripley and saw some very close and competitive games!! ¬†And some not quite so close! ūüôĀ

Stingwrays and MereCats went down to the wire with Stingwrays clinching the win 25-23. ¬†Sapphires and Swallows was even closer! ¬†A tie, 24 – 24, at the end of full time meant 5 mins extra time to be played and they were still level at the end of that, 1-1, so the ‘Golden goal’ rule came into play, and Sapphires were the ones to score it and go through into the quarter finals.

Wednesday 29th March¬†‚Äď Cup results¬†

Garstang Sapphires 24 Р24 Preston Swallows.

(Extra time 1- 1. Golden Goal = win for Garstang Sapphires.)

Panthers  3 Р62 Chipping TopCats;

Heysham  2 Р62 Garstang Diamonds;

Babybelles  25 Р5 Quernmore Jets;

Chipping WildCats 36 Р24 Lancaster Roses;

Chipping MereCats 23 Р25  Stingwrays;

Lancaster Royals 20 Р34  Westhouse Lightning;

Mantawrays 41 Р1  Bluebelles:

Cup Quarter Finals

The draw for the quarter finals of the Cup have been made and the matches will be played Wednesday 26th April.

Westhouse Lightning v Chipping TopCats;

Babybelles v Garstang Sapphires;

Mantawrays v Chipping WildCats;

Garstang Diamonds v Stingwrays:

Plate 1st round.

19th April is the 1st round of the Plate with seven games and the seven winners and the best loser will progress into the Plate quarter finals which will be played 26th April alongside the Cup quarter finals.

STY:LE v Westhouse Thunder;

Preston Swallows v Chipping MereCats;

Lancaster Royals v Panthers;

Quernmore Pearls v Bluebelles;

Preston Amazons v Garstang Crystals;

Lancaster Roses v Heysham;

Quernmore Rubies v Quernmore Jets: