Fixtures & Results

Wednesday 9th September

7pm D1 Westhouse Lightning 6-41 Chipping WildCats
7pm D1 Garstang Diamonds 30-9 Bluebelles
7pm D3 Lancaster Royals 12-4 Babybelles
7pm D2 Garstang Sapphires 19-20 Style
8.15pm D1 Stingwrays 15-22 Chipping TopCats
8.15pm D2 Chipping MereCats 21-29 Mantawrays
8.15pm D3 Heysham Halos 19-30 Garstang Crystals
8.15pm D1 Crownlane 29-36 Quernmore Rubies


Wednesday 16th September

7pm D2 Quernmore Jets 25-26 Garstang Sapphires
7pm D2 Quernmore Pearls 14-32  Westhouse Thunder
7pm D1 Bluebelles 14-24 Crownlane
7pm D3 Lancaster Roses 20-27 Heysham Halos
8.15pm D3 Garstang Crystals 6-10 Lancaster Royals
8.15pm D2 Style 14-27 Chipping MereCats
8.15pm D1 Chipping TopCats 39-14 Quernmore Rubies
8.15pm D1 Stingwrays 15v25 Westhouse lightning


Wednesday 23rd September

7pm` D1 Chipping TopCats 32-12 Westhouse Lightning
7pm D2 Westhouse Thunder 35-14 Quernmore Jets
7pm D3 Babybelles 17-17 Lancaster Roses
8.15pm D1 Chipping WildCats 21-12 Garstang Diamonds
8.15pm D2 Mantawrays 25-5 Quernmore Pearls
8.15pm D1 Bluebelles 16v28 Stingwrays


Wednesday 30th September

7pm` D1 Quernmore Rubies P-P Westhouse Lightning
7pm D2 Quernmore Jets 25v30 Style
7pm D2 Chipping MereCats 19v29 Westhouse Thunder
7pm D3 Heysham Halos 9v29 Lancaster Royals
8.15pm D1 Stingwrays 31v13 Crownlane
8.15pm D2 Garstang Sapphires 15v21 Mantawrays
8.15pm D3 Lancaster Roses 15v8 Garstang Crystals


Wednesday 7th October

7pm` D1 Westhouse Lightning 24v23 Bluebelles
7pm D1 Chipping TopCats 20v28 Chipping WildCats
8.15pm D3 Heysham Halos 18v7 Capernwray Panthers
8.15pm D3 Lancaster Royals 26v8 Torchbearer Flames
8.15pm D2 Quernmore Pearls 4v29 Garstang Sapphires
8.15pm D1 Garstang Diamonds 34v2 Quernmore Rubies


Wednesday 14th October

7pm` D3 Torchbearer Flames 7v24 Babybelles
7pm D3 Capernwray Panthers 14v21 Lancaster Roses
7pm D2 Quernmore Pearls 18v25 Chipping MereCats
7pm D1 Crownlane 13v48 Garstang Diamonds
8.15pm D2 Mantawrays 31v20 Quernmore Jets
8.15pm D1 Bluebelles PvP Chipping TopCats
8.15pm D1 Stingwrays 26v12 Quernmore Rubies


Wednesday 21st October

7pm` D1 Westhouse Lightning 40v21 Crownlane
7pm D1 Bluebelles 12v45 Chipping TopCats
7pm D2 Westhouse Thunder 20v30 Mantawrays
7pm D3 Garstang Crystals 24v9 Torchbearer Flames
8.15pm D1 Garstang Diamonds 29v9 Stingwrays
8.15pm D2 Garstang Sapphires 35v5 Chipping MereCats
8.15pm D1 Chipping WildCats 51v8 Quernmore Rubies
8.15pm D2 Style 11v7 Quernmore Pearls


Wednesday 4th November
(Matches to be played at Lancaster and Morecambe College)

7pm` D3 Heysham Halos 19v25 Babybelles
7pm D1 Chipping WildCats 56v13 Bluebelles
7pm D2 Chipping MereCats 13v22 Quernmore Pearls
8.15pm D1 Chipping TopCats 39v16 Crownlane
8.15pm D3 Capernwray Panthers 7v33 Garstang Crystals
8.15pm D3 Lancaster Roses 20v17 Torchbearers Flames


Wednesday 11th November

7pm` D1 Garstang Diamonds 43v3 Westhouse Lightning
7pm D2 Quernmore Pearls 23v12 Quernmore Jets
7pm D2 Westhouse Thunder 13v10 Garstang Sapphires
7pm D3 Lancaster Royals 11v8 Lancaster Roses
8.15pm D1 Quernmore Rubies 21v21 Stingwrays
8.15pm D2 Style 7v38 Mantawrays
8.15pm D3 Torchbearer Flames 17v7 Capernwray Panthers


Wednesday 18th November

7pm` D2 Chipping MereCats 5v8 Quernmore Jets
7pm D1 Garstang Diamonds 19v12 Chipping TopCats
7pm D3 Babybelles 3v13 Garstang Crystals
8.15pm D1 Chipping WildCats PvP Crownlane
8.15pm D1 Blubelles PvP Quernmore Rubies
8.15pm D3 Capernwray Panthers PvP Lancaster Royals

Wednesday 25th November

7pm` D2 Westhouse Thunder 27v14 Style
7pm D1 Quernmore Rubies 12v33 Chipping TopCats
7pm D3 Capernwray Panthers 6v7 Babybelles
8.15pm D1 Stingwrays 8v37 Chipping WildCats
8.15pm D3 Torchbearer Flames 17v14 Heysham Halos
8.15pm D2 Quernmore Jets 16v17 Quernmore Pearls
8.15pm D3 Capernwray Panthers 5v26 Lancaster Royals

Wednesday 2nd December

7pm` D1 Bluebelles 6v47 Garstang Diamonds
7pm D2 Style 16v27 Garstang Sapphires
7pm D1 Chipping WildCats 52v11 Westhouse Lightning
8.15pm D3 Torchbearer Flames 7v15 Garstang Crystals
8.15pm D2 Quernmore Pearls 10v23 Mantawrays
8.15pm D1 Quernmore Rubies 26v28 Crownlane
8.15pm D3 Capernwray Panthers 24v24 Heysham Halos

Wednesday 9th December

7pm` D3 Babybelles PvP Lancaster Royals
7pm D2 Mantawrays PvP Chipping MereCats
7pm D1 Westhouse Lightning PvP Stingwrays
7pm D3 Lancaster Roses PvP Capernwray Panthers
8.15pm D2 Quernmore Pearls PvP Style
8.15pm D3 Garstang Crystals PvP Heysham Halos
8.15pm D1 Crownlane PvP Bluebelles

Wednesday 16th December

7pm` D1 Westhouse Lightning 32v17 Quernmore Rubies
7pm D1 Garstang Diamonds 14v22 Chipping WildCats
7pm D2 Westhouse Thunder 39v15 Chipping MereCats
7pm D3 Lancaster Roses 13v12 Babybelles
8.15pm D1 Chipping TopCats 34v12 Stingwrays
8.15pm D2 Mantawrays 29v31 Style
8.15pm D2 Garstang Sapphires 38v7 Quernmore Jets
8.15pm D3 Garstang Crystals 22v9 Heysham Halos

Wednesday 6th January 2016

7pm` D2 Westhouse Thunder 22v15 Quernmore Pearls
7pm D3 Heysham Halos 6v17 Lancaster Roses
7pm D3 Lancaster Royals 17v21 Garstang Crystals
7pm D1 Quernmore Rubies 19v25 Westhouse Lightning
8.15pm D2 Chipping MereCats 27v28 Style
8.15pm D1 Stingwrays 27v16 Bluebelles
8.15pm D1 Garstang Diamonds 36v6 Crownlane

Wednesday 13th January

7pm` D1 Westhouse Lightning 13v20 Chipping TopCats
7pm D3 Torchbearer Flames 8v21 Lancaster Royals
7pm D2 Quernmore Jets 10v22 Westhouse Thunder
7pm v
8.15pm D1 Quernmore Rubies 5v36 Chipping WildCats
8.15pm D2 Chipping MereCats 7v40 Garstang Sapphires
8.15pm D3 Babybelles 9v11 Capernwray Panthers
8.15pm D1 Crownlane 23v31 Bluebelles

Wednesday 20th January

7pm` D1 Bluebelles 23v12 Westhouse Lightning
7pm D2 Garstang Sapphires 34v12 Quernmore Pearls
7pm D1 Quernmore Rubies 10v37 Garstang Diamonds
7pm D3 Lancaster Royals 42v12 Heysham Halos
8.15pm D1 Crownlane 23v19 Stingwrays
8.15pm D2 Style 38v24 Quernmore Jets
8.15pm D3 Garstang Crystals 17v15 Lancaster Roses
8.15pm D3 Babybelles 11v10 Torchbearer Flames

Wednesday 27th January

7pm` D1 Chipping WildCats 20v11 Chipping TopCats
7pm D2 Quernmore Pearls 10v32 Style
7pm v
7pm v
8.15pm D1 Stingwrays 15v27 Garstang Diamonds
8.15pm D3 Torchbearer Flames 15v20 Lancaster Roses
8.15pm D3 Lancaster Royals 26v2 Capernwray Panthers
8.15pm D2 Mantawrays 14v26 Westhouse Thunder

Wednesday 3rd February

7pm` D1 Crownlane 7v52 Chipping TopCats
7pm D3 Garstang Crystals 18v10 Babybelles
7pm D2 Garstang Sapphires 18v11 Westhouse Thunder
7pm v
8.15pm D1 Bluebelles 9v48 Chipping WildCats
8.15pm D3 Capernwray Panthers 19v11 Torchbearer Flames
8.15pm D2 Quernmore Jets 14v43 Mantawrays
8.15pm D1 Westhouse Lightning 18v18 Stingwrays TBC

Wednesday 10th February

7pm` D3 Babybelles 20v9 Heysham Halos
7pm D1 Crownlane 15v24 Westhouse Lightning
7pm D1 Chipping TopCats 16v18 Garstang Diamonds
7pm v
8.15pm D1 Chipping WildCats 43v5 Stingwrays
8.15pm D1 Quernmore Rubies 28v20 Bluebelles
8.15pm D3 Lancaster Roses 9v15 Lancaster Royals
8.15pm D2 Mantawrays 58v3 Chipping MereCats

Wednesday 24th February

7pm` D2 Style 25v32 Westhouse Thunder
7pm D1 Chipping TopCats 43v14 Bluebelles
7pm D1 Westhouse Lightning 7v46 Garstang Diamonds
7pm D2 Quernmore Jets 14v32 Chipping MereCats
8.15pm D1 Crownlane 15v53 Chipping WildCats
8.15pm D2 Mantawrays 15v16 Garstang Sapphires
8.15pm D3 Garstang Crystals 23v25 Capernwray Panthers
8.15pm D3 Heysham Halos 20v22 Torchbearer Flames

Wednesday 2nd March

7pm` D3 Babybelles 14v17 Lancaster Royals
7pm Cup  Chipping MereCats 18v31  Westhouse Lightning
7pm Cup  Lancaster Roses 3v30  Stingwrays
7pm Cup  Garstang Diamonds 10v6  Garstang Sapphires
8.15pm D1  Chipping WildCats 54v14  Crown Lane
8.15pm D1  Bluebelles 21v22  Quernmore Rubies
8.15pm Cup  Style 20v17  Mantawrays

Wednesday 9th March

7pm` D3   Lancaster Roses 17v21  Capernwray Panthers
7pm Cup  Torchbearer Flames 9v38  Westhouse Thunder
7pm Cup  Chipping TopCats 44v3  Babybelles
7pm v
8.15pm Cup Chipping WildCats 63v7 Heysham Halos
8.15pm Cup Bluebelles 40v21 Quernmore Jets
8.15pm Cup Crown Lane 25v44 Quernmore Rubies
8.15pm  Cup Lancaster Royals 29v17 Garstang Crystals

Wednesday 16th March – Qualifying rounds and Quarter Finals

7pm` Cup Qualifier  Bluebelles 11v36   Chipping TopCats
7pm Plate Qualifier  Torchbearer Flames Flames forfeited game  Heysham Halos
7pm Cup Quarter Final  Garstang Diamonds 34v21   Style
8.15pm Cup Qualifier  Chipping WildCats 49v8  Lancaster Royals
8.15pm Plate Qualifier  Crown Lane 33v17   Lancaster Roses
8.15pm Cup Quarter Final  Stingwrays 20v25  Quernmore Rubies

Wednesday 23rd March – Quarter Finals

7pm` Cup Quarter Final  Chipping TopCats 48v16  Westhouse Lightning
7pm Plate Quarter Final  Crown Lane 24v14  Babybelles
7pm Plate Quarter Final  Chipping MereCats 29v33  Garstang Crystals
8.15pm Cup Quarter Final  Chipping WildCats 52v10  Westhouse Thunder
8.15pm Plate Quarter Final  Garstang Sapphires 19v11  Mantawrays
8.15pm Plate Quarter Final  Quernmore Jets 42v17  Heysham Halos

Wednesday 13th April – semi finals

7pm`  Cup  Chipping TopCats 66v13  Quernmore Rubies
7pm  Plate  Garstang Crystals 12v32  Garstang Sapphires
7pm v
7pm v
8.15pm  Cup  Garstang Diamonds 20v21  Chipping WildCats
8.15pm  Plate  Quernmore Jets 32v14  Crown Lane
8.15pm v
8.15pm v

Wednesday 27th April – finals

7pm  Plate  Quernmore Jets 8v13  Garstang Sapphires
8.15pm  Cup  Chipping WildCats   26v35   Chipping TopCats