SportsReach Netball League

SportsReach Netball League

17 Sep

SportsReach Netball League

The new season is up and running!

22 teams in 3 divisions.

Results from Wed 16th September:

  • Quernmore Jets 25-26  Garstang Sapphires

  • Quernmore Pearls 14-32  Westhouse Thunder

  • Bluebelles 14-24 Crownlane

  • Lancaster Roses 20-27  Heysham Halos

  • Garstang Crystals 6-10  Lancaster Royals

  • Style 14-27 Chipping MereCats

  • Chipping TopCats 39-14  Quernmore Rubies

  • Stingwrays 15-25  Westhouse Lightning

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