SportsReach Netball League 2016/17

SportsReach Netball League 2016/17

11 Mar

SportsReach Netball League:

Our final night of league matches for this season and again it was mild and dry.  Praise the Lord!  After mentioning the props used for messages a couple of weeks ago, it was intriguing to see an ironing board, of all things, leaning up against the fence during the first match obviously going to be used as a prop in one of the messages at the break.  Either that or one busy mum had brought their ironing with them!  When it came time for the messages, all was revealed and rather than the message being based around an ironing board, Marcie from Garstang FM had brought it to actually act as a table for the variety of china tea cups she had in her bag!  (see photo)  All shapes and sizes of cups and Marcie went on to describe how like the cups we are – all shapes and sizes!  Some small and cute, some more ‘substantial’, some beautiful and in good shape, some chipped and broken, some stained inside.  We look at the outside but God looks at our hearts and even though we may become ‘chipped, broken and stained’ in life God loves us and wants us to come to him so He can clean us and pour good things into our lives like forgiveness, joy, love, peace etc.  The flask came out at this point and the cups were filled with tea!  God pours into our lives so we can then be a blessing to others.  Marcie then proceeded to offer the cups of tea to players.

Most places in the league divisions had already been decided but Diamonds finished the season not only as winners of division one but also went unbeaten over the season as well!  Thunder took the lead in the first quarter and held it for most of the quarter before Diamonds got into their stride and went on to win.  Royals in division two secured the title with a win over Jets and Sapphires had to settle for the runners up spot having pushed Royals all the way and also finished their season with a win over Bluebelles.  In division three a competitive game between Panthers and Flames saw Flames refusing to be ‘extinguished’ and triumphing 25 – 16 over Panthers and they ‘blazed’ past Panthers into second place behind Heysham Harriers.

Another great season ladies!  League meal and presentation Saturday evening and then on into the Cup!  🙂

Results 08/03/17:

Preston Swallows 19 – 26  Westhouse Lightning; 

Preston Amazons 15 – 17 Babybelles; 

Garstang Diamonds 34 – 9 Westhouse Thunder; 

Lancaster Royals 51 – 9 Quernmore Jets;

Bluebelles 14 – 25 Garstang Sapphires; 

Panthers 16 – 25 Flames; 

Heysham Halos 10 – 24 Eaglewrays;

Lancaster Roses 40 – 6 Quernmore Pearls:

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