SportsReach Netball League 2016/17

SportsReach Netball League 2016/17

3 May

SportsReach Netball Cup and Plate

The Cup and Plate are drawing to a climax now with both competitions down to the semi finals this week.  In the Plate quarter finals, Rubies won their second local derby in two weeks defeating Quernmore Pearls to set up a semi final against Royals who overcame the resilient Swallows.  MereCats put in a tremendous performance to defeat Thunder and now face Crystals who progress past Roses.  In the Cup wins for TopCats and WildCats set up a Chipping derby in one semi final and both Garstang teams Diamonds and Sapphires won and were drawn against each other to set up an all Garstang affair in the other semi final!

In the message when all teams gathered together at the break, the game of netball and in particular some of the rules, were applied to our own lives.

  • Offside/breaking centre (in the wrong place) – we are all offside, all broken God’s rules.  “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”
  • Contact (Contacting another player) – God wants to make contact with us and He did in sending Jesus.  “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”
  • Incorrect setting (starting from the wrong place) – all may look fine in our lives, like we have got it all together, but are we in the right place with God?
  • Obstruction (blocking a player) – What or who is holding us back from coming to God?
  • Footwork (moving/shuffling feet) – What is our foundation?  What are we building our lives on?
  • Over a third (missing out a part of the court) – we can’t go to heaven without Jesus.  “I am the way, the truth and the life.  No man comes to the Father but by Me.”
  • Short pass (not enough room between players)  – Make room for Jesus in your life.
  • Held ball (only three seconds to play the ball) – Life is short.  Now is the time to decide what to with Jesus.  “Behold, now is the accepted time.  Today is the day of salvation.”

Wednesday 26th  March – Results

Quernmore Rubies 30 – 9 Quernmore Pearls;

Babybelles 4 – 31 Garstang Sapphires;

Westhouse Lightning (forfeited) 0-30 Chipping TopCats;  

Westhouse Thunder  26 – 46 Chipping MereCats;

Mantawrays  18 – 27 Chipping WildCats;

Garstang Diamonds 34 – 14 Stingwrays;

Lancaster Royals 35 – 22 Preston Swallows;

Lancaster Roses (forfeited) 0 – 30 Garstang Crystals:

Cup Semi finals

Chipping TopCats v Chipping WildCats;

Garstang Diamonds v Garstang Sapphires;

Plate Semi finals

Lancaster Royals v Quernmore Rubies;

Garstang Crystals v Chipping MereCats:

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