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Last night was the second week of the cup matches. Six games played to determine who would stay in the cup and who would move into the plate.

One of the messages shared talked about how Jesus can set us free from our sin and the chains of this world that bind us. A simple illustration was used to emphasize that we can’t free ourselves from our chains, and neither can this world; only Jesus can truly set us free. We were reminded that this is a FREE GIFT from God, we can’t do anything to earn it, we just have to receive it.

‘For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.’

Romans 6v23

Results from Wednesday 21st March:

Heysham Halos 22 – 16 Lancaster Lions;

Chipping MereCats 11 – 34 Chipping WildCats;

Preston Amazons 36 – 3 Quernmore Sparkles;

Quernmore Jets 20 – 13 Westhouse Lightning;

Pantherwrays 17 – 25 Quernmore Rubies;

Mantawrays 12 – 47 Lancaster Royals:

Games scheduled for next week:

4 plate games –

Lancaster Lions vs Westhouse Lightning

Westhouse Thunder vs Mantawrays

Pantherwrays vs Quernmore Sparkles

Babybelles vs STY:LE

2 play-off games – 

Bluebelles vs Rubies

Stingwrays vs Garstang Diamonds