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Another good night at Ripley with some great netball matches taking place. A Capernwray derby took place with Stingwrays playing Mantawrays resulting in a competitive and enjoyable match, with Mantawrays just taking the win. Lions took the points in the Lancaster derby v Roses, with the other Lancaster team Royals overcoming MereCats.  Thunder and Lightning both recorded good wins.

A couple of great messages were shared, one looking at treasure found on a beach and stored in a jar, reminding us that we are jars/vessels that need to be emptied out so Jesus can place His treasure in us, with another message looking at three things found in a ploughed field which reminded us of what Jesus came to do.  A precious stone РJesus being the precious cornerstone. A chalk rock Рleaves a white chalky mark and Jesus wants to leave His mark in us, to cover our sin, and a pair of rusty pliers (used to remove things) and Jesus needs to remove our sin from us to live in us.

Results for 09/01/19

Lancaster Lions 26 – 18 Lancaster Roses;

Westhouse Lightning 33 – 20 Preston Amazons;

Quernmore Jets 19 – 31 Westhouse Thunder;

Chipping MereCats 17 – 53 Lancaster Royals;

Heysham Halos 23 – 14 Quernmore Sparkles;

Pantherwrays 11 – 35 Preston Swallows;

Heysham Harriers 30 – 0 Bluebelles (forfeited);

Stingwrays 8 – 18 Mantawrays;

Fixtures for 16/01/19

STY:LE vs Heysham Halos;

Capernwray Flames vs Lancaster Lions;

Westhouse Thunder vs Chipping TopCats;

Preston Amazons vs Heysham Harriers;

Stingwrays vs Quernmore Jets;

Mantawrays vs Chipping WildCats: