11 Feb


After a couple of weeks off due to the snowy weather it’s great to be back playing! Some great games were played – including Quernmore Sparkles first win of the season against STY:LE, winning 18 – 12! Well done Sparkles:) A good game was played between Quernmore Jets and Lancaster Royals with Jets just coming out on top winning 33 – 22. It proved a very successful night for Quernmore as Rubies also won their game against Preston Amazons – a Quernmore clean sweep.

One message shared reminded us that we all mess up in life and we all make mistakes and that there’s nothing we can do ourselves to make them go away, no matter how hard we try to cover them up or make them better. It’s only when we realise this and ask God to come into our lives and say sorry for the wrongs we have done that our sins can then be dealt with. When Jesus died on the cross He was dying in our place and taking the punishment that we deserve. “Christ died for sins, once for all.” When we repent of our sins and ask God to come and live in us and through us, we receive NEW LIFE in Christ – a life of hope, joy, peace and purpose. It doesn’t mean life is easy and that we won’t still mess up, but it means that we are forgiven and that we have the hope of eternal life in Heaven.

Results from 06/02/19:

STY:LE 12 – 18 Quernmore Sparkles

Babybelles 22 – 15 Lancaster Roses

Quernmore Jets 33 – 22 Lancaster Royals

Chipping WildCats 30 – 13 Westhouse Thunder

Heysham Halos 13 Р17 Lancaster Lions 

Mantawrays 24 – 9 Chipping MereCats

Preston Amazons 21 – 24 Quernmore Rubies

Fixtures for 13/02/19:

Lancaster Lions v Quernmore Sparkles

Westhouse Thunder v Chipping MereCats

Lancaster Roses v STY:LE

Chipping WildCats v Stingwrays (28/11)

Lancaster Royals v Mantawrays

Preston Swallows v Quernmore Rubies

Capernwray Flames v Babybelles (28/11)

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