20 Feb


A great night for netball!  Good weather, warm and dry, very welcome after having to cancel matches due to frost a couple of weeks ago.  Not many matches left in the season now but having to squeeze them all in prior to the league presentation in March will lead to a few teams fitness being tested with having to play two matches on some evenings over the next couple of weeks. Please note – matches on the 20th Feb will be at Lancaster and Morecambe College. Great messages shared again as well. One message shared of the hope that daffodils bring!  The hope that Spring is on its way.  That the dark and cold nights of winter will give way to lighter and warmer days and the feeling of the need to hibernate for 3 months will pass!  Just like we have a sure and certain hope of Spring, we have an even more sure and even more certain hope that even in hard and dark times in our lives we can know the amazing presence of Jesus with us.  “I will never leave you, nor forsake you!” Hebrews 13:5 is a precious promise of Jesus.  When we know Jesus, we know His presence and can lean on Him at all times.

In the matches there was some great netball played, both in quality and also in attitude.  It is encouraging to see teams really enjoying the matches regardless of the results.  TopCats win over Jets saw them move to the top of Division 1 with WildCats moving into second. Jets are in third closely followed by Royals and Mantawrays. Only 5 points split the top 5 places in the division! And Thunder are only a further 3 points behind which will also close up if they win their game in hand!  Fantastic to have it all so close.

In Division 2 with Lightning already having clinched top spot, Rubies win over Swallows has guaranteed them 2nd place, with Swallows and Amazons both still contending for third spot.  With Roses, Lions and Babybelles all winning their games in Divison 3 the title is still up for grabs! Anyone of the three teams can win it.  Roses have been leading the pack for most of the season with Lions and Babybelles coming strong over recent weeks and they will be hoping to make the most of the game in hand they both have on Roses.  Fantastic that there is still so much to play for as we come towards the close of the season. 🙂

Results from 13/02/19:

Lancaster Lions 20 – 7 Quernmore Sparkles

Westhouse Thunder 22 – 10 Chipping MereCats

Lancaster Roses 23 – 14 STY:LE

Chipping WildCats 34 – 18 Stingwrays

Lancaster Royals 40 – 11 Mantawrays

Chipping TopCats 27 – 17 Quernmore Jets

Preston Swallows 11 – 32 Quernmore Rubies

Capernwray Flames 4 – 27 Babybelles

Fixtures for 20/02/19:


Quernmore Sparkles vs Capernwray Flames (23/01)

Stingwrays vs Chipping TopCats (30/01)

Lancaster Roses vs Capernwray Flames (23/01)

Bluebelles vs Preston Swallows (28/11)

Quernmore Jets vs Mantawrays (23/01) (30/01)

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