27 Feb


A change of venue with it being half term and Ripley unavailable saw 5 games take place at Lancaster and Morecambe College.  A slightly damp evening, yet it didn’t spoil the netball in any way. Capernwray Flames had 2 games this evening and came up against Sparkles in the first game who were determined to take victory in their last game of this season and managed to record their second victory 31 – 21. Flames then played Roses, who also playing their last game of the season were keen to finish on a high and keep their place at the top of division 3. Roses won what was a very close game 34 – 31 and stay 4 points clear of Lions and 6 points clear of Babybelles who both have 2 games in hand.  Its going to be a close finish in division 3! 🙂  In division 2, Swallows overcame Bluebelles to secure 3rd place.  The other two games of the evening were division 1 affairs and TopCats overcame Stingwrays 47 – 17 to stay a point clear at the top from Jets who defeated Mantawrays 29 – 14 to stay in 2nd spot, albeit the teams below them have games in hand and will be looking to reel in Jets who have now played all their matches.

A very powerful and moving testimony was shared by one of the players after their game. They shared how though they believed in God, they still hadn’t realised their need to ask for forgiveness and begin to fully follow Him. After some bad choices which left them filled with shame and regret, they cried out to God and received His amazing forgiveness and peace and joy and a new life in Jesus.

Results from 20/02/19:

Quernmore Sparkles 31 – 21 Capernwray Flames

Stingwrays 17 – 47 Chipping TopCats 

Lancaster Roses 34 – 31 Capernwray Flames

Bluebelles 12 – 33 Preston Swallows

Quernmore Jets 29 – 14 Mantawrays 

Fixtures for 27/02/19:

Lancaster Royals vs Westhouse Thunder

STY:LE vs Lancaster Lions

Chipping MereCats vs Chipping TopCats

Stingwrays vs Chipping WildCats

Lancaster Royals vs Stingwrays (23/01)

Lancaster Lions vs Babybelles (30/01)

Pantherwrays vs Preston Amazons (30/01)

Chipping MereCats vs Chipping WildCats (30/01)

Fixtures for 06/03/19:

Capernwray Flames vs STY:LE (30/01)

Westhouse Thunder vs Lancaster Royals (30/01)

Heysham Halos vs Babybelles (23/01) (30/01)

Chipping TopCats vs Chipping MereCats (23/01)

Quernmore Rubies vs Bluebelles (30/01)

Chipping TopCats vs Lancaster Royals (28/11)

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