SportsReach Netball League 2021/22

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Last week saw the end of our SportsReach Netball League 2021/22. What a great season we’ve had, with 18 teams and 2 divisions. Some great netball has been played and there were many close games. Heysham Harriers just came above Bleasdale Beacons to win Division 2, and it was a close call for second place in Division 1, but Chipping WildCats came out on top. The winners of this years League, Division 1 are Chipping TopCats, who went undefeated all season.

We had a lovely League Meal on Saturday, with over 100 ladies gathering together to celebrate the end of the season and to hear the word once again, given by Grace Holland. What a great opportunity we’ve had over the season to share the Good News of Jesus every week with so many ladies.

Last night was the start of our SportsReach Netball League Cup and Plate, which will run for just 3 weeks, with both the semis and the finals taking place on 30th March. Please be in prayer for safety as the games are played and for open hearts as the Word of God is shared each week.

League Winners – Chipping TopCats
Division 2 winners – Heysham Harriers
Division 2 Runners up – Bleasdale Beacons