SportsReach Netball League 2016/17

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SportsReach Netball League

Semi final night!  🙂

A beautiful spring evening greeted us at Ripley for the semi finals of the Cup and Plate.  At the break Sue shared a great message starting with black boxes placed in cars for insurance purposes along with heart monitors to record heart activity and irregularities and how nothing can be hid from them.  They record everything in detail!  In a greater way we can hide nothing from God!  Our hearts are, according to the bible, ‘desperately wicked, who can know them.’  We can hide things from each other but we can hide nothing from God.  He sees all and knows all and because our hearts aren’t pure, He sent someone, Jesus, with a pure heart, (in Him was no sin) to take our place, our punishment, our sin, our death that we might be forgiven and receive new life and a new start through Him.


In the netball, TopCats edged out WildCats in the Chipping tie whilst Diamonds shone the brightest in the battle of the Garstang jewels, setting up a final between the league winners and runners up.  In the plate, Royals overcame Rubies and MereCats continued their great end of season form to polish off Crystals and set up a final between unbeaten Royals who won division two and MereCats who finished in third place in the same division.  The finals will take place Wednesday 10th May at Ripley.  Please come on down to support the teams involved.

Wednesday 3rd  May – Results

Cup Semi Final

Chipping TopCats 23 – 11 WildCats;

Garstang Diamonds 50 – 15 Garstang Sapphires:

Plate Semi Final

Lancaster Royals 38 – 10 Quernmore Rubies;

Garstang Crystals  12 – 38 Chipping MereCats: