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Another great night of netball! Some great games were played; Pantherwrays almost made their first win, but Westhouse Lightning just came out on top winning with just 2 goals in it!

One message shared encouraged us not to harden our hearts towards God and not to just dismiss Him but to seek Him out for ourselves. Our life here on earth is only short when compared to eternity, but the decisions we make while we’re here determine where we spend our eternity. The things of this world won’t bring the fulfilment and satisfaction that we’re looking for, only JESUS brings TRUE SATISFACTION. Open up your hearts and accept Him while you can!

‘Today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts…’

Hebrews 3:8

Results from 16/01/19:

STY:LE 18 – 14 Heysham Halos

Capernwray Flames 16 – 27 Lancaster Lions

Westhouse Thunder 15 – 26 Chipping TopCats

Preston Amazons 18 – 6 Heysham Harriers

Stingwrays 17 Р32 Quernmore Jets 

Mantawrays 11 Р19 Chipping WildCats 

Westhouse Lightning 21 – 19 Pantherwrays

Fixtures for 23/01/19:

Quernmore Sparkles vs Capernwray Flames

Heysham Halos vs Babybelles

Chipping TopCats vs Chipping MereCats

Lancaster Roses vs Capernwray Flames

Quernmore Jets vs Mantawrays

Lancaster Royals vs Stingwrays

Bluebelles vs Preston Swallows (28/11)