SportsReach 5-a-side roundup

SportsReach 5-a-side roundup

18 Oct

This week, there were three 5-a-side league games taking place. Roeburndale Rascals faced a difficult game against Lune Valley, who, despite having lost all their games this season, are much better than the loss column suggests on the table! An intriguing game between Light Church and Garstang also took place at 8pm, with both sides looking to get a win. At 9pm, a strong looking Wray side came up against Carnforth, in another tough looking game. Unfortunately, the game between Ingleton and Capernwray was forfeited as Ingleton were unable to field a side.

Tonight’s 8pm game saw the Roeburndale Rascals team led out by captain Matt ‘dynamo’ Dawson against Alan ‘Shearer ‘Wadsworth’s side. The game set off quietly for both teams, with neither side really setting the pace early on. Dynamo Dawson was testing out newly signed up keeper Jason Hettrick early on but Jason was having none of it. James Sutton set of his night well with some nice tidy feet. This lads football has come on well for the young lad from Caton. I’m guessing he’s been picking up some good football tips and advice from his day job boss big Des from Carnforth. Getting the football out at lunch time from behind the van seat has been going on for years for the Carnforth based landscaper and his men! Alan came on from the bench to give the Rascal keeper a testing save from his first touch. But the scoring was opened up with Will Preece for Rascals Followed soon after by captain Alan only seconds later. Rascals were itching for more goals but Jason was making some good saves to keep them out but just before half time Will Huddleston popped up to score to leave it 2-1 to the rural Rascals.

The second half was set up to look tasty and the game was there for both teams to take the three points. But it was Will Preece with the first goal of the half again. Nathan Park was running riot this half and found himself in space which left him open for a shot that swiped the bar and over. This half was turning out a much better half from both teams. Dan Sudell was on his own tonight with brother Jonny away on other duties. So the Neville brothers couldn’t play the football they are both used to playing but despite Jonny’s absence, Dan, the Jurgen Klopp look alike had a great half and his age and experience did see him get a a goal this evening. But soon after, Will Preece popped up again with another goal. Another strong performance for the team for Alan tonight was Artur from Brazil -who ever thought Carnforth would attract so many international footballers! Artur had a great influence on the game, hungry for the ball, saw him bang home two important goals for Lune valley to give them hope against the Rascal side to make it 4-4 with the second of his brace. Both teams could smell three points right in front of them now and the tempo lifted again. Next to score though was Lune Valley’s James Sutton, with a tremendous right footed strike that ruffled the net sweetly-The boss man Des would have been proud to see it! 5-4 to Alan ‘Shearer’ Wadsworth’s side. Alan would have loved to see time disappear now but with still a few minutes on the clock for Matt ‘Dynamo’ Dawson’s side to pull it back. And they did so only a short while after with Matthew France scoring his first to level it up. But who could have doubted that Matt Dawson would go home without a goal this evening. He saved his goal for the night til the last two mins of the game to find the winner to make it 6-5. A brilliant second half after a quiet and nervous firth half for both teams! In the post match interview with Matt Dawson he said he was please to see the 3 points secured. He’s after as many point and goals out of his team before front man Will heads off. With Joel Law away in the USA and Will of to Canada he’ll be hoping that no other of his team get signed up over seas. Alan’s interview post match was positive with a great new signing that contributed to his teams close match tonight. Alan will be looking forward to the Neville brothers, Jonny and Dan getting back on the pitch together next week.

In the other 8pm game, Light Church faced off against Garstang. This was a very intriguing game as both sides looked fairly evenly matched. Garstang started the brighter of the two teams, but it was Light Church who took the lead and subsequently raced into a 2-0 lead as they punished sloppy Garstang defending. However, for Garstang, the attacking combination of Ben and Jonny saw them race into a 4-2 lead, as both players scored a brace each. This was not to be the end of the scoring in the first half however, as James from Light Church completed his hat trick to make it 4-3 and then Josh Hogarth scored his first goal, making it 4-4. A breathless first half!

Into the second half, and Garstang started the better of the two sides. In the first 10 minutes of the half, they were in dreamland, scoring four times to put themselves 8-4 up. A goal from Matt Sowerby and another couple from Jonny put them in a great position to win their first game of the season. However, it was not to be plain sailing for the final 10 minutes as Garstang made a tactical change which allowed Light Church back into the game. And boy, did they roar back! Two from Hogarth and another from James brought them right back into the game and brought them level! An incredible turnaround from a side that looked down and out 10 minutes before. It shows that anything can happen in 5-a-side! Garstang will be ruing losing a 4 goal lead and their first 5-a-side victory.

At 9pm, Tom Whitaker shared with us and used a carabiner to illustrate his point. He shared how he went to Go Ape, and despite being terrified of heights, he put his faith in the carabiner to keep him safe. And it did so. He then went on to share how we all have faith in gravity, even though we can’t touch, feel, taste or smell it. He also shared how as much as there are fingertips of his creation all around the earth, there are also signs of law and order throughout creation. Tom shared that he wasn’t trying to convince people of there being a God, but that people need to put their faith and trust in the Saviour.

The only 9pm game on Wednesday was Carnforth taking on a difficult Wray side, bolstered by the return of Ste Harrison and Mark Ellershaw. No sign of James ‘Lionel’ Burr tonight, most likely out hedge cutting somewhere late! Wrays manager Stephen Wright was also missing this evening, rumor has it that he was still drawing out yows to put to his new record breaking dales bred tup from Bentham last week. But with the strong side out Carnforth were not too worried as they have played some tough games the past few weeks and played well! The game set off slow like the 8pm game but first on the goal hunt was Wray with a finish from Martin Huddleston 5 minutes in, with Dean for Carnforth scoring soon after, after receiving the ball with his back to goal, he turned his man and unleashed a great left foot drive to beat Wray’s keeper. Mark Carlos Ellershaw took a few mins to adjust back to the 5 aside pitches again after the sweet pitch of the North Lancs Caton team but was soon back to his old ways and found the net to help his team on and just before half time he did it at again to leave the score line 3-1. Carnforth would be happy going into the team dressing room at half time for Jaffa cakes with a score line of 3-1 after playing 20mins of football against such a strong Wray side that have demolished teams in the first half in years gone by.

In to the second half and both teams set off with the intention of winning this game, and yet again Mark Carlos Ellershaw bangs home again. Cal and Kitch were both playing tonight as the Carnforth Dynamic duo but were unable to break past the defence of Wray, Ben Walbank not letting anything past with Harry Gorst adding some good defensive play along side the natural attacking game! Harry Gorst on form soon got his goal for the night. Carnforth were needing to find a goal from somewhere to stay in this game and they did so after being awarded a penalty, and who else would they choose other than the big tall Austrian striker John Maierhofer Gorst. John found the net, but time was running out and not many teams have succeeded at returning from so many goals a drift against Wray to beat them. Steven Harrison was looking for the net in this second half and he managed to do so after being denied by the Carnforth keepers good hands a few times. Carnforth looked to be in a bit of trouble as Wray marched on but all the Carnforth team played with all they had, working hard and enjoying possession when they had it. But Mark Ellershaw scored his final goal of the night with a great through ball in to acres of space to leave a one on one with the goal keeper which he slotted home well. With 35 mins gone Benjamin Walbank added another goal to his tally this season. At full time the game ended 10-2 to Wray. The second half was too much for the Carnforth side to come back from but they were not to down cast as they fought as best they could. No post match interview with Wray this week as as Stephen Wright was away but if you want to hear about his new stock tup then buy this weeks farmers guardian to read all about the record breaking history making tup! He’s become a bit of a celebrity among the hill farmers! We look forward to next weeks fixtures.

Late report from last week:

Tonight’s 9pm saw Ccapernwray come up against Carnforth. Carnforth were well aware of the Capernwray triumph victory last week against Newbeginners and were ready to greet them head on. Matt Wraight’s Capernwray team were feeling confident once again but were missing a key part of there team, they’re very own Christian Benteke aka Christian from Spain. He was called home for international duty after last weeks performance right here in Carnforth. Capers set off just like last week and Ludwig opened up the scoring soon on in the game and then scored again minutes later with a fantastic left foot strike, that no keeper would have saved. The dynamic duo of Cal and Kitch were under the same pressure as Newbiggins top players from the week before, struggling to keep up with the students pace and left them trying to think of ideas to silence the force of the student team. Under good management from Matt Wright and this week Graham Atkinson, they signed up a new player to step in for Christian Benteke . The like for like player was Steven ‘Gerard’ Baxendale. He came on and started running riot with skill and experience and fast feet. Linking up with Ludwig well and soon Ludwig had 3 goals 10 minutes in, and at 12 minutes Carnforth broke through for Dean to score to leave things at 3-1 for a short while. But it didn’t last long and Rueben, who was having a great game, linked up with Ludwig fantastically to score his first of the night with Stevie G Baxendale scoring before half time to leave it 5-1.

The second half saw Carnforth start off well with Cals father Andy playing a good part in the game and Anthony defending as well as possible with this team and John Gorst doing what he does best, tracking his man all over the pitch. Gorst saw plenty of the ball, closing down and when in possession distributed well to Kitch and Cal. And he used his height to his advantage to win headers. Gorst aka as Stefan Maierhofer was helping the Carnforth side well against a good athletic student team. Cal had a fantastic shot with a clear chance on goal, the keeper with cat like agility manage to some how get some part of his body on to the shot to fire it on the the bar and over. John ‘Maierhofer’ Gorst had a fantastic direct free kick drive that rattled the bar from a long range effort, it would have been the goal of the night of it had hit the net. The second half was all about Stevie G Baxendale though with an epic 5 goal spree with young Ludwig and Taylor Swift getting 3 more between them with Carnforth’s well capped Damian Kitchen getting a goal and John G maierhofer getting a goal too. The score line at the end of 40 mins+ 1 was 13-3 to the students. Carnforth played well and enjoyed the football but Capernwray were just to strong again. What else can Matt Wright add to his team for the next game? With Christian Benteke back home again will he play both Christian and Stevie G Baxendale together? In a post match interview manager Matt Wright suggested they had more to give and with training on Monday night they would be working on a new formation from box left and right, but that’s all he would give away and was inching to get away and join in the celebrations with the lads on the team bus back to Capernwray for hot chocolate and flapjacks.

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