SportsReach 5-a-side league roundup – 12th February

SportsReach 5-a-side league roundup – 12th February

19 Feb

This weeks 5-a-side games were the last games to take place this season, with the majority of this seasons final placings being confirmed last week. One position still to be confirmed was this seasons runners up. Currently Wray held second spot and were three points ahead of Capernwray, who knew they had to beat Garstang by atleast 18 clear goals to claim second spot off Wray. That was one of the 9pm games. In the first two 8pm games, this seasons champions elect Crown Lane took on dethroned champions Roeburndale Rascals, in what promised to be a high octane game! In the other 8pm game, Carnforth took on Sam Dennis’ side with both sides looking to end the season well. In the other 9pm game, Chipping faced Lune Valley, with them looking to seal their spot as the ‘best of the rest’ this season.

In the first of the 8pm games, Crown Lane took on Roeburndale Rascals, looking to go the season unbeaten and extend that run to 20 games, starting last season. They started well and played the ball about well soon opening the scoring through Sam Hogarth. This lead soon doubled as the tricky Dan Parkinson found a way through to strike into the bottom corner. Roeburndale continued to battle, but were unable to match Crown Lane to begin with and Crown Lane’s superiority showed as they added to their lead again, making it 3-0 through Dan Giannocaro. Rascals are a dogged team and will always battle hard in a game and that is led by Matt Dawson, who got hold of the ball and thrashed an unstoppable shot into the top corner of the net, from by his own box. It was a superb goal! At half time the score was 3-1. Moving into the second half and Roeburndale scored two quick goals to draw the scores level, the first coming from Will Huddleston and the second another from Matt Dawson. Game on! However, Crown Lane showed why they have become champions this season, playing some lovely football and soon regaining the lead. In the final 15 minutes of the game, Crown Lane played some superb football, moving the ball about really well and causing Rascals some real problems, scoring plenty of goals in the process. Sam Hogarth added a few to his tally, as did Dan Parkinson, taking the score to 12-3 in the end. At full time, Crown Lane finished the season unbeaten and having not lost since November 2018. A great record, which will be interesting to see how long it lasts, as anything can happen in 5-a-side!

In the other 8pm game, Carnforth took on Sam Dennis’ side. Carnforth started brightly and played some good football, opening the scoring not long into the game through Damien Kitching playing a lovely ball into John Gorst, who volleyed the ball home. Sam Dennis’ side have been continuously improving over the last few weeks and soon drew back level in the game. Carnforth were the next side to score, this time with roles reversed as a good ball from John Gorst found its way to the feet of Damien Kitching who slammed the ball home to give them the lead again. Sam Dennis’ side played the ball about nicely and were playing some good stuff and soon found the equalizing goal to bring the scores back level. Soon after that, they added to that scoreline and went 3-2, not long before half time, with Sam Dennis finishing well for his side. Come half time and it was 3-2. Moving into the second half and Sam Dennis’ side picked up where they left off, adding a fourth goal pretty quickly after the restart. Carnforth scored another goal, making the score 4-3, after a tidy finish from Nick who swiveled and fired home. However, after this goal, Sam Dennis’ side were relentless in attack and carved Carnforth apart several times to score another couple of goals, through Isaac Dennis, Sam Dennis and other members of the team. They soon found themselves in a good place with an 8-3 lead. Carnforth continued to battle and try to find another goal to bring them back into the game, but it was to no avail as Sam Dennis’ side saw the game out and won 8-3.

At 9pm, we had Sam Hogarth come and share with us. He told us a story of two Chinese brothers – the elder one was a honest and hard working man, whilst the younger brother was a rebel and a troublemaker. The elder brother knew what the younger was getting up to, but he still dearly loved his brother. One day the younger brother got into a fight and ended up killing a man. In the aftermath, he ran home to clean himself up. The elder brother heard all this commotion, saw the bloodstained shirt of his younger brother and knew immediately what he had done. The elder brother instantly put on his younger brothers blood stained t-shirt and was subsequently arrested when the police burst into the house. He was tried and then executed for the crime – one he did not commit. The wayward younger brother went free – despite being guilty, whilst the innocent brother suffered. Sam went onto say how that story is a picture of the Bible. We are guilty of doing our own thing and being the wayward brother, deserving of the punishment from God. God sent Jesus to this earth so our sins could be forgiven. Sam shared the verse John 3:16 – ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’. Sam asked the question: ‘What will you do with Jesus?’ Will you reject him or accept him? Knowing Jesus isn’t about following rules – it’s about a relationship with Jesus, relying and depending on him in all. Sam closed by saying that what we do with Jesus now will affect our future.

In the first of the 9pm games, Lune Valley took on Chipping, looking to round of the season well with a good result. Chipping started the better of the two sides, taking the lead early on through Joe Kelsall. Lune Valley kept battling, drawing level soon after through James Sutton. Chipping extended their lead further with two more good goals through Steve Cornall and John Townley, taking them 3-1 up. Lune Valley were playing some nice football but were struggling to find a way through until a good finish from Jonny Sudell made it 3-2 not long before half time. There were two more goals before half time as both sides added another to their tally, making it 4-3, though very even! Moving into the second half, Lune Valley came back very strongly and soon found themselves ahead after two superb goals, the first from Jonny Sudell, who feinted beautifully to slot the ball home, before James Sutton volley in a wonderful goal, watching the ball over his shoulder and smashing home ala Van Persie! This put Lune Valley 5-4 ahead, before Chipping added a fifth through Keiron Harwood. This was a really tight game and the next goal would be vital in helping decide the outcome of the tie. That goal came from Lune Valley as Artur Mello netted for the team before Jason Hettrick popped up with a goal to make it 7-5 and give Lune Valley the win.

In the other 9pm game, Capernwray took on Garstang, knowing that a win of 18 goals or more would bring them second spot. Capernwray started very fast and put out their best team, to try and do the job. They raced into a quick lead and there was attack after attack coming at them. Goal after goal was scored and by half time, it was 15-0. There were simply to many goals and moves to remember or write about! However, in the first half, keeper Andrew Tissignh in the Garstang net did make some good saves, but found it difficult to keep much out with the wave after wave of attack coming! Capernwray began to rotate their side in the second half and their rate of scoring slowed a little, but they still continued to knock at the door and scored 12 more this half to take the score to 27-0. Garstang had a chance or two, but they had nothing concrete to open the scoring. Full time and Capernwray had done it – 27-0 and second place confirmed!

That is this season now complete! It has flown by! There is the all day tournament on the 23rd May at Lancaster University. Please do get in touch with the office if you are interested!

Here is the final table for this season:

Roeburndale Rascals151302135478839
Tap It In151005131795230
Lune Valley Utd15906101732827
Lancaster Utd14617106733319
Unathletico Madrid156098699-1318
Hoof It14001446211-1650

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