SportsReach 5 Aside

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Last night saw our final matches in the 5 aside league! Worthy winners were Newbigginers, winning their last match to clinch the title. Well played everyone, and thanks to all involved. It has been great to be able to run the league again after a Covid break!

Taz brought our final message from God’s word, referring us back to two questions which the Lord asked Hagar right back in early Old Testament times – “Where have you been” and “Where are you going”. These are two questions we can ask ourselves today, and we were encouraged by Taz to look to Jesus as we seek the way forward after lockdown.

WEEK 7 – 09/06/21 Results:

8pm – Chipping 3 v 5 Lune Valley

8pm – Newbigginers 10 v 5 Roeburndale

9pm – Carnforth 4 v 15 Quernmore

9pm – Crown Lane 4 v 5 Sam Dennis