SportsReach Netball League

SportsReach Netball League

8 Mar

SportsReach Netball League

Wednesday 2nd March saw the final few league games being played as well as the cup competition beginning.  Thankfully the snow flurries that morning had passed over and although it was a cold night (hot water bottles were spotted keeping players warm prior to the games!) it remained fine and all games were able to go ahead.

One of the league games – Bluebelles v Quernmore Rubies – was a special occasion as Bluebelles’ Beth Stephenson was celebrating her 21st birthday that day!  Balloons, presents, cake and even a rendition of happy birthday! 🙂  Bluebelles also, aptly enough, scored 21 goals in what was a very close game with Rubies managing to get the victory with 22.  Jane Marsh left a few players in near trauma, as her message at the start saw what seemed to be an awful waste of a good bar of chocolate!!!  Covering a jug full of chocolate pieces with all manner of things including filling the jug with water at the end to show how full we fill our lives often at the expense of taking time and making room for God.

Elsewhere, congratulations to WildCats as they made it unbeaten through the whole season with a win over Crown Lane and in Division 3 Royals won their final match against Babybelles.

In the cup, Diamonds won the battle of Garstang, defeating fellow Garstang team Sapphires 10 – 6.  Lightning, Stingwrays and Style will all progress into the next round of the cup with MereCats, Roses and Mantawrays joining Sapphires in the plate.

League Results 02/03/16:

Babybelles 14 – 17  Lancaster Royals;

Chipping WildCats 54 – 14  Crownlane;

Bluebelles  21 – 22 Quernmore Rubies;


Cup Results 02/03/16:

Chipping MereCats 18 – 31  Westhouse Lightning;

Lancaster Roses 3 – 30  Stingwrays;

Garstang Diamonds 10 – 6  Garstang Sapphires;

Style 20 – 17  Mantawrays:


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