SportsReach Netball League 2021/22

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Finally! Tonight, after a year without, we are finally able to start up our Netball league again at Ripley St Thomas, Lancaster. We have 18 teams altogether and these are split into 2 divisions. We are so excited to get playing netball again, but we are more excited to share about the good news of Jesus and the hope that He brings!

Fixtures: 15th September 2021

(7pm) Chipping TopCats vs Chipping WildCats

(7pm) Lancaster Roses vs Heysham Harriers

(7pm) Stingwrays vs Fulwood Swallows

(8.15pm) Bleasdale Beacons vs Fulwood Amazons

(8.15pm) Mantawrays vs Sapphires

(8.15pm) Quernmore Diamonds vs Lancaster Lions

(8.15pm) Cornerstone Storm vs Chipping TopCats