SportsReach Netball League

SportsReach Netball League

18 Mar

SportsReach Netball League

The end of season netball league meal and presentation was held on Saturday 12th March at Capernwray Hall.  Over 170 gathered for a tremendous meal of chicken with sweet potato fries and sweet corn followed by profiteroles with chocolate sauce and tea and coffee.

Prior to the awards being given out we enjoyed a great quiz, with interestingly the top four teams in the quiz being the top four teams in division one!  And we heard from Sue of her recent trip to Wyresdales Children’s Home in Myanmar and of all that she did with the young folk there, playing football and teaching them netball as well as giving them the ‘4 points’ bracelets and sharing Jesus with them.  The 4 points:

  • 1. God loves us
  • 2. We have got it wrong
  • 3. Jesus died for us
  • 4. What will we do about this?

Grace Marsden then gave a powerful message on – ‘Why I believe the bible’, looking at the bibles reliability, accuracy and prophecy.

All in all it was a fantastic evening and a great finish to the season.  A big thank you to all who played in the league, shared words, organised games, umpires and to all who came along to watch.  And to Capernwray Hall for allowing us to use their facilities and the kitchen staff who fed us so well!

Roll on next season! 🙂

Awards were also given out:

League winners:

  • Division One winners – Chipping WildCats
  • Runners up – Garstang Diamonds
  • Division Two winners – Westhouse Thunder
  • Runners up – Mantawrays
  • Division Three winners – Lancaster Royals
  • Runners up – Garstang Crystals

Overall team players of the season:

  • Division One – Catherine Burns & Victoria Harrison
  • Division Two – Rebekah Preece & Alex Mackay Fowler
  • Division Three – Mim Whitaker

Individual team players:

These awards are given to the players who receive the most votes for being players of the match as voted for by the opposing team after each match.  Amazingly, two sets of twins were both given the same number of votes as each other to win the trophies for their teams!  Well played everyone!  🙂

  • WildCats – Emily Hallet
  • Diamonds – Catherine Burns
  • TopCats – Ruth & Sarah Marsden
  • Rubies – Rachel Standon
  • Crown Lane – Ruth & Anna Snalam
  • Bluebelles – Emily McCoid
  • Stingwrays – Victoria Harrison
  • Lightning – Eleanor Dawson & Vicky Perry
  • Jets – Janet Horsfield
  • Thunder – Bethany Duncan
  • Pearls – Rebekah Preece
  • Sapphires – Megan Beesley
  • Style – Laura Atkinson & Anna Marshall
  • Mantawrays – Alex Mackay Fowler
  • MereCats – Megan Kelsall & Lucy Foot
  • Halos – Megan Carling
  • Crystals – Mim Whitaker
  • Babybelles – Lauren Tomkins
  • Flames – Lois Preece
  • Royals – Hannah Seymour
  • Roses – Emma Cutting
  • Panthers – Natyalie B & Rebecca Kramer

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