13 Jan

SportsReach Netball League

Were you ready?  This was one of the questions asked as the girls gathered round for the message after their game.  Things took place in 2016 that maybe caught some of us by surprise, things we weren’t expecting, things we maybe weren’t ready for.  Brexit, Donald Trump elected as president, Leicester City winning the premiership etc etc.  Some of us would maybe be glad 2016 was over and looking forward to 2017 but the question applies, “Are you ready?”

Are we ready for all that will come our way in 2017?  Some expected and prepared for and some not.  How can we be ready for life?  People will suggest many different answers or products for this! (Including a shampoo that claims to ‘open your mind’!) But the only true answer is to come to the maker – God.  If we place our lives in God’s hands, we can know His peace, His joy, His love, His direction and His enabling in our lives no matter what may come our way in 2017.

On the netball court Panthers triumphed in their tight derby match v Eaglewrays.  Harriers took the honours in the Heysham derby and moved to the top of the table in division 3.  Garstang teams Diamonds and Sapphires continue with their 100% records but it is still tight between all the teams at the top of each division.

Results 11/01/17:

Eaglewrays 6 – 9 Panthers;   

Westhouse Thunder 28 – 15  Preston Swallows; 

Heysham Harriers  40 – 8 Heysham Halos; 

STY:LE 4 – 37  Quernmore Pearls;  

Quernmore Rubies 5 – 37  Garstang Diamonds; 

Chipping WildCats 21 – 15 Stingwrays; 

Quernmore Jets 15 – 43  Garstang Sapphires;

Garstang Crystals 22 – 29  Lancaster Royals:

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