23 Feb

SportsReach Netball League

With storm Doris approaching we were keen to get the netball matches played before the rains came!  Thankfully, it was in fact, a mild night and perfect conditions for netball.  Praise the Lord!

One of the highlights each week is seeing the different props that are used when it comes to the messages!  Last night one lady brought along 3 pairs of shoes and shared how a new job led her to frantically search the shops for some new shoes suitable to wear.  Of the three pairs she brought with her, – one pair were for ‘practical’ wearing (flat shoes), one pair for ‘management’ days (smart, medium heel) and the other pair were just her favourites (red high heels!)  🙂  She went on to share how important it became to her to have the right shoes to make a statement about who she was as she began her new job.  Yet, when she stopped to consider she remembered that who she is, her true identity, is found in something or rather someone much more important than the shoes she wears.  Her identity is found in God.  He created her, He calls her his friend, He calls her his daughter.  “We are created as God’s masterpiece.  He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”  Ephesians 2:10  Where do we find our identity?  When we come to Jesus we can find our true and real identity in Him.

With only a couple of weeks remaining in the league, Diamonds clinched the division one title with a win over Mantawrays and in the Chipping derby, victory for TopCats secured them the runners up spot.  Royals win over Pearls closes the gap at the top of division two with Sapphires just one point with Royals having two games left to Sapphires one.  MereCats in third have Royals to play next week and Sapphires will be hoping MereCats will continue their fine form and do them a favour.  Crystals and Pearls had a busy night with their re-arranged fixture meaning two matches each last night and although there was an abundant supply of Mrs Sutton’s mouth watering flapjack for Pearls, it wasn’t quite enough to energise them to victory.  Although Harriers lost to Flames, they still clinch the division three title.  Second place is still up for grabs with just two points separating Flames, Panthers and Babybelles.  And with the last match of the season being Panthers v Flames, it promises to be a fiery end to the season!  🙂

Results 22/02/17:

Eaglewrays 9 – 6  Babybelles;

Lancaster Royals 31 – 17 Quernmore Pearls; 

STY:LE 4 – 40 Garstang Crystals;

Flames 41 – 23 Heysham Harriers;  

Chipping MereCats 29 – 15  Quernmore Jets;  

Chipping TopCats 30 – 16 Chipping WildCats;   

Mantawrays  13 – 33 Garstang Diamonds;

Garstang Crystals 30 – 12  Quernmore Pearls:

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