23 Mar

SportsReach Netball League

After a fantastic netball league season and a brilliant end of season meal at Capernwray, the League Cup is now underway with the first rounds having been played over the last two weeks.  The eleven winners from these ties and five best runners up go into the next round of the Cup with the remaining six runners up going into the Plate quarter finals.

With an awful forecast for Wednesday evening, several players came equipped with waterproofs, umbrellas, hot water bottles, etc etc and yet we were blessed again with a great night weatherwise! A fresh, but relatively fine night and certainly not as bad as was feared or forecast. 🙂

One of the messages focussed on the season of Lent and how we give up various things, be it types of food, social media etc etc in the lead up to Easter.  Lent is a reminder of how much Jesus gave up for us and of His sacrifice on the cross for us that we might be forgiven if we turn to Him.  The real reason for Easter = Jesus.

Cup Results 1st round – Wednesday 15th March;

Lancaster Roses 6 – 25 Babybelles;

Chipping MereCats  40 – 20 Panthers;

Westhouse Lightning  53 – 5 STY:LE;

Quernmore Pearls 10 – 54 Garstang Sapphires;

Chipping TopCats 59 – 19 Quernmore Rubies:

Cup Results 1st round – Wednesday 22nd March;

Westhouse Thunder 7 – 37 Garstang Diamonds;

Buebelles  6 – 11 Quernmore Jets;  

Heysham  25 – 4 Preston Amazons;  

Lancaster Royals 35 – 15  Garstang Crystals; 

Chipping WildCats 30 – 14  Mantawrays;  

Stingwrays 18 – 11  Preston Swallows:

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