3 Nov

SportsReach Netball League 2017/18

Due to Ripley being closed for half term, the last two weeks matches have been played at Lancaster and Morecambe college and we have enjoyed clear and fine but chilly evenings!  Great to see so many coming down to watch the matches as well.

As always it is a joy to see the teams gather in their circles and hear the gospel being shared each week.  One team player shared from Philippians this week and how the verse ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ helps her in her everyday life.

Some great and competitive games – In Division 3 – Heysham Halos who took down Eaglewrays, one of the student teams from Capernwray Hall by a single goal 18-17, a couple of weeks ago, were shocked by the other student team Electricwrays, who took revenge for Capernwray, also winning by a single goal 7-8!  Eaglewrays were in good form this last week, soaring to second place as they not only won the Capernwray derby which took place in the afternoon winning 27-17 against Electricwrays (see picture above – Electricwrays in orange and Eaglewrays in blue) but in the evening round of matches they also took down the Amazons 15-13.  Electricwrays came back recharged after the afternoon defeat to sting Lancaster Lions winning 13-6.

Wins in division 2 for Lightning, MereCats, Bluebelles and Jets over Panthers, Rubies, Roses and Harriers respectively.  Quernmore teams sit at the top of Division two at the moment with Jets unbeaten and leading the way 5 points ahead of Rubies.

In Division one 2 wins for WildCats have seen them claw their way to the top with both them and Diamonds being unbeaten so far this season. Royals who have had promotion the last two seasons winning division 3 and then division 2 in successive seasons are sat in third place and looking very much at home in the top division.

Results 25/10/17:
Westhouse Lightning 28 – 19 Pantherwrays;
Quernmore Rubies 20 – 40 Chipping MereCats;
Lancaster Roses 13 – 27 Bluebelles;
Garstang Sapphires 25 – 34 Lancaster Royals; 
Chipping WildCats 41 – 13 Stingwrays;
Heysham Halos 7 – 8 Electricwrays:
Results 01/11/17:
Electricwrays 17 – 27 Eaglewrays; 
Garstang Diamonds 32 – 7 Westhouse Thunder;
Eaglewrays 15 – 13 Preston Amazons;
Chipping TopCats 62- 1 Preston Swallows;
Quernmore Jets 39 – 9 Heysham Harriers;
Mantawrays 10 – 18 Chipping WildCats;
Electricwrays 13 – 6 Lancaster Lions:

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