SportsReach Netball League 2017/18

SportsReach Netball League 2017/18

8 Nov

SportsReach Netball League

Tuesday – catch up night!

Three matches took place at Lancaster and Morecambe College as we played some of the re-arranged games that were cancelled earlier this season.

A lovely crisp and clear  evening with some close and competitive matches played in a brilliant spirit, a great advert for the sport of netball and for the SportsReach league.

Adverts were the theme for one of the messages last night. Advertisements that clamour for our attention and try to get us to try/buy the product. Slogans that stick in our minds and link us to their products –

  • ‘Because I’m worth it!’ = L’Oreal;
  • ‘Snap, Crackle and Pop’ = Rice Crispies;
  • ‘Let your fingers do the walking!’ = Yellow pages. (One for the older players! 🙂 )

Only 48 days to Christmas and the reminder that God ‘advertised’ the birth of His Son with angels singing announcing ‘a Saviour has been born’.  Not advertising a product to buy BUT a Saviour who died for us in our place, paying our punishment, giving us life and life everlasting if we believe and begin to follow Him.

Mantawrays took a very narrow victory over Thunder, winning by the odd goal. It was neck and neck all the way through and to be fair neither team deserved to lose as they played some cracking netball with first one team pulling away only for the other to come back and level the score.  14 – 14 at the start of the fourth quarter and 19 – 19 with only a minute to go and Mantas managed to get the decisive goal.   MereCats overcame Bluebells to go second in division two and Amazons took the sting out of Electricwrays to go above them in division three. Well played everyone.

Results 07/11/17:
Mantawrays 20 – 19 Westhouse Thunder;
Chipping MereCats 31 – 18 Bluebelles;
Electricwrays  8 – 16  Preston Amazons:

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