9 Oct


Another great night at Ripley! Some great games once again, with another derby match – Chipping TopCats vs Chipping WildCats – a great game played in a great spirit! Last night we welcomed Capernwray Flames to the league as it was their first game of the season due to many of them only arriving into the country just over a week ago and many of them not having even heard of netball before! The players in this team are from all different countries around the world, that have come to study at Capernwray Hall Bible School for a few months – so it is great to have then join the league!

One message shared involved the releasing of balloons into the night sky! Reminding us that we are able to bring all our fears, worries, concerns and joys to our loving heavenly Father, knowing that He cares for us and waits for us to come to Him.  When we walk in a relationship with Him, He will lift our concerns from us and carry us through.

Results 03/10/18:

Westhouse Thunder 27 – 17 Quernmore Rubies

Lancaster Royals 37 – 22 Chipping MereCats

Westhouse Lightning 36 – 23 Bluebelles

Lancaster Roses 25 – 24 Quernmore Sparkles

Chipping TopCats 39 – 18 Chipping WildCats

Pantherwrays 15 – 46 Quernmore Rubies

Heysham Halos 24 – 6 Capernwray Flames

Fixtures for 10/10/18:

Preston Amazons vs Westhouse Lightning

Pantherwrays vs Bluebelles

Babybelles vs Heysham Halos

Lancaster Lions vs STY:LE

Capernwray Flames vs Lancaster Roses

Chipping WildCats vs Mantawrays

Quernmore Jets vs Stingwrays

Heysham Harriers vs Preston Swallows

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