10 Dec


Another great night with some great games! Thankfully the weather wasn’t too bad and we didn’t get too wet!

One of the messages shared focussed on forgiveness. The speaker talked about how we all mess up in life and we all do wrong things; we are all in need of forgiveness. She went on to say how good it feels when someone we have wronged forgives us or when we forgive someone and let go of a grudge that we have held against them. She linked this to the forgiveness of God. The feeling we have when we know God’s forgiveness doesn’t even compare! God will always forgive us if we seek Him and truly repent from our wrong doings. This forgiveness from God is only made possible through the blood of Jesus Christ; when Jesus died on the cross He was making a way for us to get back to God and it’s through His blood that we can be cleansed and made pure.

Results 5/12/18:

Quernmore Rubies 32 – 41 Westhouse Lightning

Babybelles 7 – 13 Lancaster Lions

Quernmore Sparkles 14 – 29 STY:LE

Preston Swallows 22 – 21 Preston Amazons

Lancaster Roses 35 – 11 Heysham Halos

Lancaster Royals 24 – 22 Chipping WildCats

Westhouse Thunder 20 – 15 Mantawrays

Stingwrays 26 – 10 Chipping MereCats

Fixtures for 12/12/18:

Preston Amazons vs Bluebelles

Westhouse Thunder vs Stingwrays

Westhouse Lightning vs Preston Swallows

Mantawrays vs Chipping TopCats

Pantherwrays vs Heysham Harriers

Chipping WildCats vs Quernmore Jets

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