SportsReach Football League – 2nd March

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This week in the SportsReach football league, there were two games that took place. Wray made the short trip to Lancaster in the hope that they could extend their recent good win of 3 straight wins into 4, whilst Moorlands made the trip to Quernmore, facing a Quernmore team looking to improve on their recent losses!

Lancaster 2 – 1 Wray

OG 42, Leong 49 // Goodley 7

Lancaster sprung a surprise on Wray as they took the win this weekend against the in form side. Wray had a great start, with Lancaster old boy Warren Goodley netting within 7 minutes, pouncing on the opportunity to fire home. The first half ebbed and flowed, both sides having chances but neither fully capitalizing. That was until and stroke of misfortune on half time turned the game in Lancaster’s favor. A Wray defender turned the ball into his own net and gave Lancaster a way back into the game. Following that, 4 minutes into the second half, Lancaster further compounded their advantage as Kim Leong fired home to give Lancaster the lead. Wray’s misery was compounded further as young defender Nathan Park received a straight red card for a fabulous goal line save – to bad he wasn’t the actual keeper! However, the resulting penalty was fired over by Lancaster – but fortunately, it wasn’t to Lancaster’s detriment. They managed to see out the game and took the win, defying their league position.

Quernmore 1 – 6 Moorlands

Kelsall 77 // Grundy 7, 13, 64, Martinez 17, Holden 48, Clipstone 89

Moorlands came into this game knowing a win would take them level with Great Ecc at the top of the table (albiet having played three more games than them). Quernmore came into this game with a bare 11, that soon became 10. The lack of players became a trend throughout the game! Moorlands made a blistering start, scoring 3 times within the first twenty minutes, the 10 men of Quernmore working their socks of to no avail. Grundy netted twice with clever finishes in the 7th and 13th minute, whilst Sergio Martinez made the most of a back pass free kick to fire home to increase Moorlands advantage. Half time came with Quernmore 3 – 0 down, though they had had some bright spots in a difficult first half, knowing that they could trouble the Moorlands defense. Reinforcements arrived at half time and Quernmore were up to their full complement of 11 players. However, despite a good start to the second half, it was Moorlands who scored first, adding their fourth of the game in the 48th minute, through a good finish from a corner by manager Holden. Quernmore’s problems were to be compounded further, as defender Winstanley was sent of for saving the ball on the line. Again, another great save – just a shame that he wasn’t actually meant to be in net! Nick Grundy dispatched the subsequent penalty, putting Moorlands 5-0 up. Quernmore continued to work hard, making many last ditch tackles and not giving up! However, that was to, again, be to their detriment as manager Lund injured himself in a tackle and had to go off – Quernmore were down to 9. Despite this, they managed grab a goal in the 77th minute, after Sutton forced his way through the Moorlands defense, he took a shot that rolled towards the goal which was then fired home by Kelsall, ensuring the goal. Finally, in the 89th minute, Quernmore conceded again as Clipstone netted for Moorlands. Full time – 6-1. Quernmore and Moorlands having Cup semi- finals to focus on this weekend, Quernmore aiming to keep the scoreline against Wray respectable, whilst Moorlands look to keep the advantage in their semi-final to reach their first final since entering the league. All to play for!